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Our main concept is "Simple and Devotion". We aim to provide a simple but efficient design, and also a certain charm to each leather item and that will gradually become part of the owner's every-day lifestyle.



SD project creates leather items using two main brands.
One is "Kate QNS", and the other is a proud face of a Lion.







An introduction to SD project



SD project is based in Kyoto, Japan and was set up by two artists with a strong mutual will to create something that allows people to enjoy leather at its best.
All SD project items are 100% hand sewn, so even the smallest of items needs a lot of attention and time spent in its' creation. We offer relatively simple designs, but are very particular in making each leather item very functional.
If you have a chance to pick up one of our products in your hand, you will immediately realize how good genuine natural leather is.
One artist will look after one item, right from the cutting of the leather, until the final stitch is sewn. Each layer of leather is cut with a leather cutting knife, and then is hand sewn together using a method called "saddle stitch". Between every hole, two lines of thread are delicately fed through to create not only a stronger finish, but also impressive looking stitch. The final touch involves applying friction to the corners and edges which brings the like of two, three layers into one. Then add a special liquid to offer a professional finish.

Our goal is simply for you to enjoy using our products and watch them change in color and texture over the years.

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Brands established

SD project has established two main brands. One is "Kate QNS", and the other is the face of a proud "Lion".
Each brand has a specific meaning to the creator and any leather creation is only complete after the brand seal is applied.

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Genuine Leather

Information on materials

SD project uses primarily domestically tanned (Full vegetable tannin) leather.
Approximately 80% of leather found in distribution is Chrome leather which is achieved by adding a chemical process and can be done in two days. SD project however, uses leather that is tanned in pits or drums for a period of approximately 2 months, which amounts to only approximately 20% of total distribution. Cost of producing such leather is more costly and stock can be harder to find. The tanning process helps to keep the leather in a natural state and makes it a stronger and tougher texture.
Using "Full vegetable tanned" leather also means we can offer handmade items that can be used for many years and lets people enjoy the texture and color change (ageing) of the leather.

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Made in Kyoto

Made in Kyoto logo

SD project is based in Kyoto, Japan and it goes without saying all our little leather creations are made here.
Kyoto is renowned for it's history, temples, World Heritage sites and as the top tourist destination.
Our handmade logo gives each item a little more meaning and is a reminder of where it was made.

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Craft Market Information

SD project can be next found at;

SD project will next be participating at the folloing Craft Market. If you are in the area, please come and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

   Market Name:Shimogamo Forest Market.

   Date:04 April 2015

   Time:10:00 〜 16:00

   Market info & Access:Shimogamo Shrine and Forest Market

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